ELOFICASH and Accounts Receivables

Accounts Receivable – A new generation solution

ELOFICASH is a new generation solution, operational since 2010 with a first customer managing very large volumes of data: Générale de Santé. 

Since then, COVLINE has grown and in order to accelerate its development dynamics, has brought to ELOFICASH, a software package dimension in the strict sense of the term.

With ELOFICASH, reduce by 20% your DSO litigation, fluidify your communication and automate your process of collection and much more! A credit management software becomes an indispensable tool for the credit manager but also for the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to optimize the collection process of the company. Discover all that ELOFICASH can do for you!

Poste Client: ELOFICASH features and benefits

ELOFICASH is designed for both small and large companies. It provides a concrete solution to late payments and to the management of accounts receivable. This software package, easy to use, offers several main functionalities allowing to automate the procedure of customer reminder due to unpaid invoices. 

ELOFICASH allows an optimization of the management of the customer portfolio and the management of contacts. With dashboards and key indicators, the collection of unpaid invoices can be followed closely. In doing so, this software even provides better accounting management of the customer account, in particular by making it possible to have a forecast of cash receipts. ELOFICASH thus contributes to a better financial management of the company thanks to the possible elaboration of a precise cash flow forecast.

In parallel, ELOFICASH allows a better management of the commercial activity. Thanks to this software, you will be able to identify customers at risk, anticipate disputes by proposing adapted payment solutions from the start.

Finally, ELOFICASH brings savings in terms of administration since certain tasks, currently carried out by your teams, will now be automated.

As you can imagine, ELOFICASH allows a collaborative work, with a possible access from mobiles and tablets. Very easy to use, this software will allow you to save time.