What if you instilled a new digital culture in your dispute management?

Currently, more than 40% of outstanding invoices in French companies are due to claims or disputes, justified or not.  In these sluggish economic times, identifying and above all accelerating the collection of these “disputed” receivables is becoming essential, even vital, from the SME/SMI to the Major Account. In the 90’s, software solutions, methodologies and processes were put in place to map out “dispute resolution routes” and engage employees. Today, this is no longer enough to respond to disgruntled customers and get them to pay. A new culture of dispute management must be instilled, supported by software solutions that are more in line with “new digital uses”, and in particular “social networking” among employees. A revolution in DSO Litigation, where the number of days of turnover represented by outstanding litigation, is underway!

From the traditional management of DSO Litigation that traces the employees….

Already experimented in companies to reduce the DSO litigation, the optimization of the routes of resolution of the litigations, which combines tool, process and organization, makes it possible to trace the great stages and to fix the times between them. The employees of the departments concerned are contacted by e-mail to identify and remedy disputes. The information collected must then be processed by the Credit Manager and/or the Collection Manager who will initiate the appropriate procedures to close and settle the debt. In this type of hierarchical organization, with a coercive approach, the resolution of disputes involves a few “responsible” employees who hold the information. If the optimization of these routes has already made it possible to act on the reduction of the DSO Litigation, via gains in days, it is now necessary to accelerate the circulation and the sharing of information, well beyond the traditional workflow, to work in “real time”, and especially in a community way.

… the dissemination of a “digital” culture that motivates and unites.

In this respect, we believe that companies should favour online business collaboration tools that create communities of employees and partners with common interests to develop a new “digital” culture in litigation management. At the heart of a new approach to dispute management, more community-based, reactive and interactive, these tools, such as ELOFICASH, must be based on new digital uses, where the desire to share and communicate is paramount. Thus, professional chats can be an excellent channel for direct and rapid exchanges between employees, whether they are stationary or mobile, and an alternative to e-mails, which are consulted and processed in increasingly long delays. A “pop-up” opens on the employee’s PC, tablet or cell phone, and he or she responds instantly and concisely to the dispute or claim; the information is immediately shared with and used by the Credit Manager or Collection Manager. The “cash” culture is spreading throughout the company!

This new incentive and even fun approach to reducing DSO – Litigation – is not at the expense of control, it humanizes it. It guarantees a gain in speed in resolving disputes, in transparency in professional exchanges and in quality in the answers given to customers. And all this to the benefit of the working capital of French companies, a third of which are chronically short of cash!