ELOFICASH is a full web collection application that runs on the most popular web servers and is therefore accessible from any browser.

ELOFICASH, a debt collection software package, has been designed in such a way as to offer a consultant or administrator the possibility of adding free fields that can be queried and to present personalized screens by user or by group of users.

The conceptual data model was developed in English. Thus, the application responds to international issues thanks to a UNICODE codification.

A full web collection software ELOFICASH available in 5 languages.

In the context of a multinational company, users can connect simultaneously in several languages. In addition, the user addresses his client in the latter’s language.

A collection application based on a SQL Server database…

… in which the data and business rules are directly transcribed in order to optimize performance.

Data imports are customized in a world-renowned open source ETL: TALEND.

Thanks to TALEND, imports become simple and accessible by all technical configurations. All known ERP and management software on the market can be connected.

Business rules are programmed into the ETL to selectively integrate data. And to generate calculations during the import into the ELOFICASH solution.

The origin of the data can be multiple. Therefore, all strategic information related to a customer can be integrated into a single ELOFICASH file. This information can also be external.

In this case the ELOFICASH collection application relies on connectors of type “web services”. 

There are connectors in charge of importing financial information from specialized companies. As well as more advanced connectors capable of automatically exchanging information with credit insurance entities, for example.

In this case, ELOFICASH dialogues with services and exchanges information on a customer, a contract, etc…

In order to respond to the problems of desktop publishing and dematerialization, the ELOFICASH collection software is able to generate individual or mass exports in PDF or EXCEL files. The application also offers standard connectors with desktop publishing solutions and services.

For all of its reports and analyses, whether standard or customized, the user has the option of PDF or EXCEL editing.

The full web technology of the ELOFICASH collection application offers great flexibility in the use of ELOFICASH functionalities to get the most out of it. Discover also the business expertise of COVLINE and the distribution model of ELOFICASH. Moreover, whether you are the CIO or the CFO, ELOFICASH can help you efficiently!